Our Story


Morato Studios was born in 2016 when Joshua Eady (actor, marketer and photographer) realised his greatest passion for easily accessable, modern forms of marketing. Due to the exponential growth of social media, these modern forms of marketing fall within the bracket of content and media creation. Media creation is defined as the creation of content in any field of communication, entertainment and/or information.

By having both an informative, and creative standpoint, content is able to attract new loyal customers to businesses and brands. Media as a whole has evolved to become a necessity for both businesses and individuals. These forms of media interact with a customer in a new way, by providing them with the choice to pick and choose. To obtain information by their own rules and means. By using a creative perspective on the constant need for updated and new content, individuals and businesses are able to inform and attract customers in ways that are applicable to them individually.

Forms of media we currently provide are photography, videography and podcast. Regular, high quality content is often over looked. We make it important, relevant and fun. This has been our passion from day one, and continues to be the force that drives us with our clients