Who We Are


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Morato Studios started in 2016 as an idea for creatives, to simply be given the chance to be creative. We identified the missing link between clients, and the creative work that they want and deserve. The creative process is one that demands free thinking, brain storming and the freedom to think outside the box. We believe this gap, lyes in media creation and the application there of.
Starting off as merely a creator of photographic and video-graphic content for clients, we carried the passion and skills further to provide more services that are modern and relevant to what the consumer wants. 
While brands were missing their creative power, creatives were sitting without an outlet for their ideas and skills. Morato stepped in to link the two, in an easy, hands on personalised manner. Clients could now work hand in hand with their own creative team, to create media content that stands out and tells the message they want the consumer to hear.
Spending years both in front and behind of camera, Joshua has built up the knowledge and passion for story telling, acting, directing, and photography. Finishing as Top Digital Marketer from the AAA School of Advertising, digital and media creation has been his direction from day one. Acting in various Netflix feature films, as well as shooting photographic content for brands globally, is what led him to the creation of Morato Studios and its ability to produce top quality content for any brand of individual. 
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