Ground Art Café – Blog Post

 You’ll find this cozy, corner coffee spot in the well-known vibey area of De Waterkant in Cape Town’s buzzing CBD. Ground Art Café is the result of a carefully thought out multi-sensory experience, combining rich aromas with flavourful tastes and pristine aesthetics.

There are two aspects of this spot that really stood out to me, the first is their attention to detail in the presentation of their food. Every dish or cup of coffee is prepared with meticulous care making sure to always look simplistic and elegant for each and every delighted customer. The second aspect that I personally loved about Ground is that it’s a family owned business and as a customer, you really feel the love and work that has gone into making it a success.

It was an absolute pleasure sitting down with Dustin and Ross Glen as they walked us through a tasting of their most popular dishes on the menu. Appreciating the textures and flavours while admiring the exhibition of local art on the walls surrounding us made this a truly memorable experience.

Make sure to pop in with your pup at this dog friendly little corner gem. The coffee is divine and the wifi is free so I guarantee you’ll be there for a while!

For more info, check out their website at the link below: